Month: December 2017

Education Sponsorship Request from a 12th grade student to help with her final exam (Project ID: E13-2018)

Chithira is a Plus 2 student of Government HSS Changanacherry, Kerala. She’s seeking financial assistance with her schooling expenses. Chithira’s parents were working in a private financing firm. Couple of years ago, the owner of the firm abruptly closed down the firms operations and vanished with the investors’ money. Chithira’s parents were harassed by public […]

Family seeking education sponsorship for their 6th & 10th grader kids (Project ID: E7-2018)

Delphin Joshy is a 6th grade student from Rajapuram, Idukki district, Kerala. His father is a daily wage worker. Delphin has an older sister who’s in the high school. Their mother has chronic health issues. This family is looking for willing sponsors who can support the children’s basic education costs. They both attend public schools […]

5th grade student urgently requests education sponsorship (Project ID: E5-2018)

Adithya Joy is a 5th grade student from Rajamudi, Idukki. He and his family are going through a lot of trouble in the recent years. Adithya’s father had a fall when Adithya was born. So he is permanently disabled. Her mother works as a housemaid and earns very little. Adithya has an older sibling who’s […]

Requesting educational sponsorship for a bright 3rd grader (Project ID: E4-2018)

Aksa Mol Georgekutty belong to a low income household from Rajamudi, Idukki. Her father passed away few years ago and she’s being raised by her mother. Aksa is a 3rd grader at Rajamudy LP school. She’s a bright student according to her teachers. Mother is a daily wage worker who cannot afford her educational expenses […]