Month: May 2018

Rajiv Need Your Help To Survive! Please Read His Story. (Project ID: M5-2018)

Rajiv, 31 years of age is a resident of Kozhikode Cheruppa, Kerala. Following a tragic fall from the top of a building, while at work, two years ago, Rajeev has been wheelchair bound. He is going through lot of struggles in his life. Our immediate goal is to help him buy a land for building […]

Kindly Help Samar to Fight Cancer ( Project ID: M3-2018)

This is a humble request for your support to help Samar, who is a 32 year old female cancer victim from Lucknow, India. She has been battling cancer since 2015. Samar is an young Neuro Physiotherapist who is an alumni of Integral College, Lucknow and Jamia Hamdard, Delhi. She was first diagnosed with cancer of […]

Medical Supplies Van for Palliative Care Unit in Thiruvalla- Project ID: C1-2018

A group of volunteers that includes doctors, nurses and other medical professionals devote their time every Friday of a week to visit cancer patients in and around Thiruvalla. It is their humble initiative to care for the sick, disabled and forgotten. They provide palliative care for very poor of the society and assist them with […]