Month: March 2019

Purnatha Operational Support in West Bengal

This project request is for funding required to set up and operate a Hub in West Bengal to facilitate training and rehabilitation of vulnerable girls, women & victims ensnared by agents involved in Human trafficking. Request Your Contacts To Support This Cause Project Start : 03/12/2019 Sponsor: Liju Raju Status: OPEN Fund Raising Goal: $ […]

Aged Couple from Tamilnadu Seeking Help to Fix Their House

We would like to request support from generous individuals to help an aged couple to make part of their broken house livable. Currently they live in a rural village of Trichy, Tamilnadu, India. The house where they live is a hut that has a leaky root made with palm leaves. Insects and snakes crawl in […]

Please Help This Family To Complete Their House Construction

A place to stay is everyone’s basic need and a priority. But it’s an unfulfilled dream for Ashraf who’s a daily wage worker from Northern Kerala India. Ashraf has been working as a farmer to make a living. But recently, the flood and drought that occurred in the area ruined his crops. It also drained […]