These are the projects that are ongoing at this time. Please click the listing for more details and to donate for any specific projects.

1) BackPack Drive For Children From Idukki, Kerala -(Project ID :E2-2019)

2) Help Request For Urgent Heart Surgery -(Project ID :M4-2019)

3) This Family Need Your Help Complete Their House Construction -(Project ID :H1-2019)

4) Please Help to Build a House for Two Elderly Homeless Women – (Project ID :H4-2018)

5) Assist Asylum Seekers & Refugees (Refugee Resettlement Support for R.I.M): (Project ID:C5-2018)

6) Let’s help an Individual to Replace His Broken Plow Truck :(Project ID: F3-2019)

7) 40 Year Old Heart Patient Seeking Help For Immediate Surgery :(Project ID: M1-2019)

8) Donate to CHN to Sponsor a Project in future (Project ID:My Project-2018)

9) Family Need Immediate Help To Avoid Bank Takeover of their House: (Project ID: F4-2019)

10) Aged Couple from Tamilnadu Seeking Help to Fix Their House: (Project ID: H2-2019)

11) Support Poonatha, Mumbai, India : (Project ID: C4-2019)

12) Sewing Machine Distribution Idukki, Kerala : (Project ID: C7-2019)

13) Deepti Special School Support Project -(Project ID :C2-2019)