These are the projects that are ongoing at this time. Please click the listing for more details and to donate for any specific projects.

1) Help This Widow Raise Her Two Children : (Project ID: F6-2019)

2) Support Purnata, Mumbai, India : (Project ID: C4-2019)

3) Palliative Care Monthly Sponsorship :(Project ID: M7-2019)

4) This Heart Patient Need Your Kind Support For Her Surgery :(Project ID: M8-2019)

5) Food Donation & Volunteering at Bristol Lodge Soup Kitchen -(Project ID :V1-2020)

6) This Family Need Your Help Complete Their House Construction -(Project ID :H1-2019)

7) Please Help to Build a House for Two Elderly Homeless Women – (Project ID :H4-2018)

8) Assist Asylum Seekers & Refugees (Refugee Resettlement Support for R.I.M): (Project ID:C5-2018)

9) Donate to CHN to Sponsor a Project in future (Project ID:My Project-2018)

10) Kindly Support This Engineering Student: (Project ID: SP3-2019)