These are the projects that are ongoing at this time. Please click the listing for more details and to donate for any specific projects.

1) Urgent Help Request For a Heart Transplant Patient(Project ID :M6-2019)

2) Support For Kerala Flood and Mudslide Victims-(Project ID :C9-2019)

3) Sebastian Need Your Support to Walk Again-(Project ID :M5-2019)

4) BackPack Drive For Children From Idukki, Kerala -(Project ID :E2-2019)

5) Food Donation & Volunteering at Bristol Lodge Soup Kitchen -(Project ID :V1-2019)

6) This Family Need Your Help Complete Their House Construction -(Project ID :H1-2019)

7) Please Help to Build a House for Two Elderly Homeless Women – (Project ID :H4-2018)

8) Help Request For Urgent Heart Surgery -(Project ID :M4-2019)

9) Let’s help an Individual to Replace His Broken Plow Truck :(Project ID: F3-2019)

10) Assist Asylum Seekers & Refugees (Refugee Resettlement Support for R.I.M): (Project ID:C5-2018)

11) Donate to CHN to Sponsor a Project in future (Project ID:My Project-2018)

12) Kindly Support This Engineering Student: (Project ID: SP3-2019)

13) Family Need Immediate Help To Avoid Bank Takeover of their House: (Project ID: F4-2019)

14) Aged Couple from Tamilnadu Seeking Help to Fix Their House: (Project ID: H2-2019)

15) Support Poonatha, Mumbai, India : (Project ID: C4-2019)

16) Sewing Machine Distribution Idukki, Kerala : (Project ID: C7-2019)

17) Deepti Special School Support Project -(Project ID :C2-2019)

18) 40 Year Old Heart Patient Seeking Help For Immediate Surgery :(Project ID: M1-2019)