Month: January 2021

Food Donation & Volunteering at Bristol Lodge Soup Kitchen, Waltham, MA (2021)

Since 2014, Compassionate Heart Network Members are involved in donating food and volunteering at the Bristol Lodge Soup Kitchen, Moody Street Waltham, MA. Every time when we go there, we have an opportunity to prepare and serve food for 60-70 hungry, mostly homeless people who can not afford to pay for their food. If you […]

Sponsor a Nursing Student (SP1-2021)

This project is for a female student from Kottayam, Kerala, to raise funds to support her nursing school education. She recently passed out of 12th grade and got admitted to the Bachelors of Nursing program in Tamilnadu, India. Her family does not have enough money to support her education. Her father is a daily wage […]

Urgent Help Request For Purchasing Powered WheelChairs(OR770-2021)

Aasmaan Foundation Trust, believes that the best way to support people with disabilities is by providing them with the confidence and facilities that would help them make a living. They often see how people transform and heal when they are provided with the opportunity to earn for themselves. This project intends to buy powered wheelchairs […]

Unemployed Kidney Patient Seeking Help to Start Street Shop (OR267-2021)

This project provides financial assistance to set up a small shop (street food shop) for Binoy. He is undergoing treatment at Kottayam Medical College for kidney failure. His doctors from the Medical College have recommended an immediate kidney transplant. Binoy is 35 years old and was working as a driver. His family consists of his […]

Financial Support For A Heart Patient(M1-2021)

This Request is for Mr. Thomas, a resident of Kottanad, Kerala for financial support for additional diagnosis and treatment for his heart diseases. A couple of years ago, he was told that he has two major blocks in the arteries that require Angioplasty. However, Thomas didn’t have enough money to take care of it at […]

Immediate Financial Help for a Cancer Patient(OR518-2021)

This project is for Mr. Abraham, from Kerala. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in December 2020 and requires an immediate surgery in two weeks. He does not have the income to afford the surgery expenses. So, he has requested help from well wishers to support him to pay for the surgery which would be […]

Urgent Help Request For Complete House Construction(H7-2020)

This project is for Mr. Ullahanan, a 65 year old heart patient. Two years back, he was diagnosed with a case shrinkage of his lungs. Now he is breathing with the help of an oxygen cylinder and he has to continue using oxygen support lifelong. He had started to build a house but he’s unable […]