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Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment (M11-2022)

Dear friends, S. Manojkumar, a diabetic for the last 20 years, had a stent due to cardiac-related issues. However, just before the Corona period (covid19) he met with an accident and had multiple fractures on his left leg for which he underwent surgery and a fixed steel plate inside. Due to diabetes, the wound didn’t […]

Financial help for Cardiac Surgery( M10-2022 )

Dear friends, Mr. Haneefa, a Fisherman from Malappuram, is suffering from Chronic pulmonary thromboembolism and having Severe breathing difficulty. He is not working for the last 2 yrs due to his illness. He is having severe financial constraints and is planning for Pulmonary Thromboendarterectomy on October 18th or 19th. The estimated expenditure for the procedure […]

Financial support to repay (M9-2022)Hospital Bill Payment

This Project is to give financial support to K P Jose for his medical treatment of his cirrhosis of the liver with acute kidney injury. He is living in a rented house. Sole breadwinner for his family.He has to undergo liver transplant surgery as soon as possible to sustain his life. Thankfully his wife’s liver […]

Financial assistance to Magic Planet of Muthukad (SC2-2022)

Different Arts Center Trivandrum Founded by Prof Gopinath Muthukad, renowned Magician and UNICEF supporter with the mission of identifying, training and refining the basic talents of differently abled children in various art forms. The centre aims to empower these children by recognizing and sharpening their raw talents through special and appropriate methods. Art therapy could […]

Financial Support (F7-2022) to a desperate family to build a bathroom and kitchen

This project to help Aby Paulose, based on his request, to build a toilet and finish a partially built kitchen. He is living in a house, constructed on 8-cent land with the help of Thirumaradi Panchayathu. There is no toilet in this house, moreover, the construction of the kitchen is yet to finish. His wife […]

Educational Scholarship (E5-2022) for twin sisters for their nursing course

Sibi and Simi are twin sisters, studying BSc Nursing in Rosy Royal Institutions Bangalore. They are almost abandoned by their drunk father. They are doing their second-year BSc (N). Now they are seeking help to pay their exam fee. FundRaising Honor Roll S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status 1 Binoj $ 15 Paid 2 Jiji […]

Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment (M8- 2022)

Saly is a 55-year-old widow from Ranny, Kerala. Since the death of her husband, she has been working in a prawn processing factory in Mumbai, making just enough money to get by. Her only son is on his own and she doesn’t know his whereabouts. Things were going fine with her until an accident at […]

Financial support to repay bank loans (F5-2022)

Asha is a woman in her thirties, from Mallappally, Kerala. She is from a very low-income household and works as an office assistant at a Home Nurse staffing agency. Her husband is a driver and they have a 6-year-old child and their aged parents to care for at home. Three years ago, Asha’s mother has […]

Educational Support for Speech and Hearing student(E3-2022)

Dear All< Aleena Baiju is studying for a 4-year Bachelor in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology(BASLP) course at Dr.MV Shetty college of speech and hearing in Mangalore. They have requested an educational loan which the bank does not yet approve. Until now, the family cannot meet the expenses of the hostel, mess, and other costs. […]

Financial Support to repay bank loans(SC1- 2022)

This project is for Vijayan from Edakkulam, Ranni. He taps rubber. A few years back he took a loan to educate his daughter and then based on this he tried to get her married. He took another loan for this. His daughter is married but he has not been able to pay off the loans. […]