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Education Sponsorship Request from a 12th grade student to help with her final exam (Project ID: E13-2018)

Chithira is a Plus 2 student of Government HSS Changanacherry, Kerala. She’s seeking financial assistance with her schooling expenses. Chithira’s parents were working in a private financing firm. Couple of years ago, the owner of the firm abruptly closed down the firms operations and vanished with the investors’ money. Chithira’s parents were harassed by public and had to sell all their possessions to settle some of the claims. Despite this, investors continued to harass the family and Chithira’s parents had to flee out of state leaving her with her grandmother.

Chithira is a good student who would like to continue her studies. She is looking for support so she could get some tutoring help for couple of subjects at least before the final exam. Kindly consider this request and sponsor Chithira’s educational costs.

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1 Shabeer Sayid $ 300 Pledged

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Project Start : 1/1/2018

Sponsor: Shabeer Sayid

Status: OPEN

Fund Raising Goal: $400

Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

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