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    Journey into the Heart of the Amazon: Fund the film, Change the Lives ( C6-2023)

    Dear CHN team,

    *Financial Support for an Afro-Amazonia Participatory Film in Brazil*

    In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, a community is fighting to preserve its essence. Quilombola communities in Santarem, Brazil, stand resilient amidst the challenges posed by climate change.

    I’m reaching out on behalf of Kaleidoscopic Teens (Kteens Inc.), a passionate organization committed to holistic education and empowerment. Our latest mission focuses on the Quilombola community in the Amazon rainforest, which is at risk due to the climate crisis. We’re proud to announce our association with the Quilombolas Federation of Santarem, committing to give back the returns from our collaborative project. Partnering with Kruvachy Films Inc. and CTBC, we aim to document challenges and implement sustainable solutions.
    Currently, our project “Saracura: Afro-Amazonia Participatory Film” is in its first phase, running from November 1, 2023, to January 20, 2024, with an estimated cost of $25,000. Your support will directly impact this initiative, amplifying the voices of the Quilombola community and promoting sustainable growth through filmmaking.
    Join us in making a meaningful impact. Your support is not just an investment in a film, but a commitment to social change and empowerment.
    Thank you for considering our cause.
    Warm regards,

    FundRaising Honor Roll
    S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
    1 Abraham Joma $ 400.00 Paid
    2 Ashley Thomas $ 500.00 Paid
    3 Jassim $ 2000.00 Paid
    4 Biju C Mani $ 600.00 Paid
    5 Anonymous Donor $ 500.00 Paid
    6 Robin & Bimi Abraham $ 400.00 Paid
    7 Ron & Marilyn $ 100.00 Paid
    8 Anonymous Donor $ 200.00 Paid
    9 Juny and Sooraj $ 500.00 Paid
    10 michael GEORGE christie $ 200.00 Paid
    11 Finto Antony $ 400.00 Paid
    12 Joseph and Divya $ 1000.00 Paid
    13 Dn. Steve and Lisa $ 100.00 Paid
    14 Abraham & Regina Manimalethu $ 500.00 Paid

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    Project Start Date : 11/1/2023

    Project Sponsor: Fr. Thomas Joseph Capuchin
    Status: open

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    Send a check payable to “Compassionate Hearts Network Inc” , PO Box 51, Woodville, MA-01784


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