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    Financial support for medical treatment (M6-2023)

    Dear compassionate souls,

    Mr. Kuriakose’s current situation is both challenging and distressing. To provide a comprehensive understanding, let’s break down the situation step by step:
    Family Composition: Mr. Kuriakose has a family of four. His family consists of his wife, who is a homemaker, and two children who are students. This suggests that his wife primarily manages the household, while the family’s main financial support typically comes from Mr. Kuriakose’s employment.
    Occupation: Mr. Kuriakose is employed as a health worker at the Employees State Insurance. His job likely involves providing medical assistance and support to employees covered under the Employee State Insurance scheme. This employment is critical not only for Mr. Kuriakose but also for his family’s financial stability.
    Health Diagnosis: Unfortunately, Mr. Kuriakose has been diagnosed with a 4th stage brain tumor. A 4th stage diagnosis is typically associated with advanced disease, which often requires extensive medical treatment and care.
    Current Health Condition: Due to the advanced stage of the tumor, Mr. Kuriakose’s health has deteriorated significantly. He is now bedridden, indicating that he is unable to perform basic daily activities and is likely reliant on his family for care and support.
    Loss of Pay: Because of his medical condition, Mr. Kuriakose is unable to report to work. This has resulted in a loss of income, as he cannot earn his regular salary. The loss of income is a severe financial blow to the family, as they likely depend on his income to cover their living expenses, including housing, food, and education for their children.
    Financial Struggles: With Mr. Kuriakose unable to work and no other significant source of income, the family is facing severe financial difficulties. They must now navigate medical bills, which can be substantial, while also covering their day-to-day expenses. This situation is likely to cause emotional and psychological stress for the entire family.
    Impact on Education: One of the most immediate and concerning consequences of Mr. Kuriakose’s health condition is its effect on his children’s education. With their father unable to work and provide for the family, the children may face challenges in continuing their studies. Education expenses, such as tuition fees, school supplies, and other related costs, may become unaffordable.

    In summary, Mr. Kuriakose’s diagnosis of a 4th stage brain tumor has led to a chain of difficult circumstances for his family. They are dealing with his deteriorating health, loss of income, and the associated financial struggles. The children’s education, a critical aspect of their future, is also at risk due to the family’s current predicament. This situation calls for support, both in terms of medical care for Mr. Kuriakose and financial assistance to help the family during this challenging time.

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    Send a check payable to “Compassionate Hearts Network Inc” , PO Box 51, Woodville, MA-01784


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