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Help 8 week old baby Hayley repair holes in heart(M4-2020)

Twins born 8 weeks ago, one with major heart and lung issues. Hayley Alessandra has 2 growing holes in her tiny little heart. She needs to have open heart surgery that will hopefully allow her to live a healthy life. She will not survive otherwise. The family is not working and there is no income coming in. They have mounting bills, rent, expenses, meals and the cost of special food for Hayley since she cannot eat on her own and uses a feeding tube which is in permanently. She also has problems breathing because of her heart which causes blood and water to enter her lungs. It’s really scary when her face turns blue due to lack of oxygen. Please help with whatever you can.

FundRaising Honor Roll
S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
1 Sahya Kunnenkeri $ 700.00 Paid
2 Anonymous Donor $ 60.00 Paid
3 Anonymous Donor $ 1.00 Paid
4 Noah & George $ 100.00 Paid
5 Aney James $ 50 Pledged
6 Anonymous Donor $ 100 Pledged
7 Smitha & Joshy $ 100.08 Paid
8 Deepa & Jeesmon $ 100 Paid
9 Jacob &Asha $ 100 Pledged
10 Liju n Sithy $ 100 Paid
11 Sibu Thomas $ 100 Pledged
12 Grace Pullattu $ 100 Paid
13 Santhosh Nair $ 100 Paid
14 Jiji & Anita $ 100. Pledged
15 CHN Team $ 250 Paid

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Project Start Date: 02/07/2020

Project Sponsor: Grace Pullattu

Status: CLOSED

Fund Raising Goal: $

Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

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