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Maher is an interfaith and caste-free Indian non-governmental organisation based near Pune with remote homes in Ranchi, Ratnagiri, Miraj and Ernakulam. The objective of the organisation is to provide shelter and support to destitute women and children. Maher tries its level best to reach out to people with various needs. During this Covid 19 pandemic, Maher has been busy with distribution of food & food grains to thousands of slum dwellers and day labourers who have lost their jobs in Shirur Taluka, Pune.

Many of these people are staying on the roadside and government owned land. They make small huts and stay there as long as they have a job, but now that they have lost their jobs, the people have requested Maher for plastic sheets/Tarpaulins to cover the roofs of their huts so as to protect them from the monsoons.

Initially this project was for 62 families, but now the number has increased to over 200.
We greatly appreciate your generous donation and support for this project. All funds raised for this project will be used for Maher.

FundRaising Honor Roll
S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
1 Raphael $ 50.00 Paid
2 Anonymous Donor $ 65.00 Paid
3 Sunil and Christina Joseph $ 300.00 Paid
4 Jiji & Anita $ 100 Paid
5 Anonymous Donor $ 100.00 Paid
6 Shanty Mathew $ 50.00 Paid
7 Fr. Willy $ 100.00 Paid
8 Fr. Pinto Paul $ 100.00 Paid
9 Grace Pullattu $ 100 Paid
10 Zeena & Shabeer $ 100.00 Paid
11 Sithy and Liju $ 50 Paid

Latest Status Updates

Funds Raised: $0 Released to Beneficiary: 1100 Project Status Summary:

Project Start Date:08/03/2020

Project Sponsor: Fr Pinto Paul

Status: CLOSED

Fund Raising Goal: $

Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

Thank you for your support

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