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    Kindly Help Samar to Fight Cancer ( Project ID: M3-2018)

    This is a humble request for your support to help Samar, who is a 32 year old female cancer victim from Lucknow, India. She has been battling cancer since 2015. Samar is an young Neuro Physiotherapist who is an alumni of Integral College, Lucknow and Jamia Hamdard, Delhi.

    She was first diagnosed with cancer of rectum in January 2015. She had many sessions of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and multiple surgeries, shuttling between Lucknow and Mumbai (Tata memorial cancer hospital) for treatment. Despite of one year of regular treatment, the cancer recurred and spread to other parts of intestine and ovaries for which she underwent chemotherapy sessions and surgeries again.

    Just when she thought she had won her battle over cancer and was thinking of settling in life, her post treatment scan of June 2017 showed that the cancer had metastasized to liver. This broke her both mentally and financially as the estimated cost of the treatment for liver metastasis came around 9 Lakhs indian rupees (USD$14000 approx).

    Samar is from a middle class family and has been bearing the expenses of these treatments the expenses throughout these two and a half years along with her father.The cost of new treatment protocol for metastasis is difficult for them to manage as they have already exhausted all their resources.

    Would you please consider making a donation to help Samar and family so that they can continue the treatment? We appreciate your support and prayers for this individual.

    FundRaising Honor Roll
    S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
    1 Shiju Francis $ 100 Paid
    2 Punnose & Dony $ 150 Paid
    3 A Wellwisher $ 30 Paid
    4 Kuriakose Palooparambil $ 100 Pledged
    5 Cherian Jacob and Rasmy $ 50 Pledged
    6 Debby $ 30 Pledged
    7 Jiji & Anita Varughese $ 100 Paid
    8 Rubal Matharu $ 100.00 Paid
    9 Sarin Nair $ 50.00 Paid
    10 Jiji Varughese $ 150 Paid
    11 Syed Raza Ahmed $ 50.00 Paid
    12 Liju & Sithy $ 250 Pledged

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      Project Start : 6/1/2018

      Sponsors: Monaa Rawat, Liju Raju

      Status: OPEN

      Fund Raising Goal: $350

      Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

      Thank you for your support

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