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    Support for Solace Charities for their Annual Fundraiser(C12-2021)

    CHN would like to offer wholehearted support for Solace charities for their annual fundraiser. Please learn more about Solace and their fundraiser event from the details below:

    Solace is a charity organization in Kerala with US chapters that supports children suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer. Nearly 5% of cancer patients in Kerala are kids below 14. Solace cares for 2400+ of them through in-house help and at Solace regional centers. In most of the cases registered with Solace, the families of the children are deeply affected, and their lives revolve around providing care for the ill child. Paternal assistance is often minimal, and it is the mothers who struggle to make both ends meet. Solace helps by providing prescribed medicines, funds for special treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. Solace volunteers care for the kid as a family member would do, sharing the pain, and working to find positive solutions.

    A charity organization that was started in 2007 by Sheeba Ameer, Solace now has branches in all major cities of Kerala. Significant funds are required to sustain an operation like this, and Solace US Chapters are a major supporter and source of funds. This year, the Solace NE chapter in partnership with FOKANA, Compassionate Hearts Network, NEMA, KANE, KACT, WMC, and WMF is conducting a fundraiser in December.

    We are humbly inviting you to this fundraiser event and requesting your generous donations for the cause. The event is free to attend, dinner will be served, and there will be entertainment from local performers.

    Please RSVP at : http://evite.me/BENGAZrBKR

    Event Details below:
    2021 Solace Charities Fundraiser
    Date: Dec 4th, 2021
    Time: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
    Location: Ashland VFW Hall, 311 Pleasant St, Ashland, MA 01721

    If unable to attend in person, please consider a donation using the link below

    For any questions, please call or message one of us. Looking forward to seeing you on Dec 4th.

    Revathi Pillai (617 470 0740)
    Paul Ignatius (732 644 3908)
    Santhosh Nair (508 265 0423)
    Dheeraj Prasad (510 648 6445)


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    Start Date: 10/27/2021

    Status: OPEN

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