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    Christmas Gift for the Children of SOS Village, Aluva, Kerala : C6-2018

    SOS Children’s Villages India is a non profit organization supporting thousands of children in its Family Based Care programs. SOS Children’s Villages of India is committed to the welfare of orphaned and abandoned children – often throughout the whole of their childhood – and to strengthening families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against child abandonment and social neglect. SOS Aluva, Kerala provides over 150 kids with shelter, educational support and emotional support required for their positive upbringing. Visit https://www.soschildrensvillages.ca/india/sos-childrens-village-alwaye-cochin for more details.

    Compassionate Hearts Network Junior Team would like to present a Christmas gift to each child living in SOS village, Aluva, Kerala. You can join us by donating $15 for a new pair of clothing or a much needed personal item that can put a smile on a child’s face.

    FundRaising Honor Roll
    S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
    1 CHN Team $ 1000 Paid
    2 CHN Juniors $ 400 Paid

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      Project Start Date: 09/24/2018

      Project Sponsor: CHN Junior Team

      Status: CLOSED

      Fund Raising Goal: $

      Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

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      Send a check payable to “Compassionate Hearts Network Inc” , PO Box 51, Woodville, MA-01784


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