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“Next to creating a life the finest thing a man can do is save one.”-Abraham Lincoln

This project request is to solicit donations for helping a heart transplant patient from Kodakara Thrissur, who needs immediate financial support. Mr. Dinil Kumar is a 29 year old male, who was diagnosed with Lymphoma at the age of 9 and had 6 cycles of Chemotherapy until the age of 13. Due to the complications he was under intense medical care for the past several years . Now he is having Dilated cardiomyopathy (Chemotherapy induced) with recurrent hospital admissions due to heart failure. Mr. Dinil Kumar is a patient of Amrita medical college since October 2018. Amrita medical team has been preparing him for heart transplant surgery since then and he underwent a successful heart transplant in August 2019. Now he is recovering in the hospital and doing well.

Dinil is unmarried, studied up to 10th grade, has been working as a Mechanic until he became seriously ill two years ago. His Father died when he was 15 due to sudden cardiac arrest. His Mother is a house wife and one sister she is married. Presently his Brother in law is the only Breadwinner of the family. Total Expenditure of Transplant is expected to be 15-20 lakhs. His family managed to raise a fund of 7 lakhs through donations from various sources. This family is unable to settle the hospital bill and seeking help. Kindly help with a generous donation so he can start a new chapter in his life.

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Sponsor: Dr. Jinu John

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