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    Bag Packs for the Children of Adivasi tribes in Idukki


    Idukki considered as the spicy district of Kerala which has got its own territories withits natural heritages and secrecies is the second largest and prominent place in
    Kerala where the most number of scheduled tribes and tribal ambiguities exist. Eventhough a state like Kerala is well known for its high literacy rate and cultured habits,in the interior corners of this state, may be the most uncivilized “Adivasis” with their
    own unique culture and religio-spiritual religious regulations and customs are abiding. Among these tribals Muthuvans, Hillpulayan, Mannan and Oorali are the most prominent tribes.

    As part of sharing and caring for these backward classes our missionaries try and encourage little children of these families who are staying in and around Adimali,
    Kattappana, and Nedumkandam Block Panchayats by distributing NEW bag packs containing all standard school supply items (Umbrella, Water bottle, lunch box, Books, Pens, Pencils, Color pencils, Eraser and Sharpener) needed for their academic year. Each Bag packs cost around 1500 INR.
    If each of us can contribute a 25$ for this cause it can help one child have these items that they need for a year. Requesting our partners to share this to our friends circle to help us serve at least 60 Children!

    FundRaising Honor Roll
    S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
    1 CHN Team $ 250 Pledged
    2 Jacob Perinjelil $ 50 Paid
    3 Sujith(Manu) Thomas $ 25 Paid
    4 Joy Vazhayil $ 25 Paid
    5 Sunu Thomas $ 25 Paid
    6 Aji Kurian $ 25 Paid
    7 Robin Mathew $ 25 Paid
    8 Sebyon Kingsview $ 25 Paid
    9 Sibu Thomas $ 25 Paid
    10 Sony George $ 25 Paid
    11 Toji Chacko $ 25 Paid
    12 Jiby Joseph $ 25 Paid
    13 Tony Thomas $ 50 Paid
    14 Jeesmon Jacob $ 125 Paid
    15 Jacob Joseph $ 50 Paid
    16 Aju Johnson $ 500 Paid
    17 Liju C Raju $ 125 Paid

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      Project Start Date: 05/25/2015

      Project Sponsor: Liju C Raju

      Status: CLOSED

      Fund Raising Goal: $

      Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

      Thank you for your support