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Please send a check payable to
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PO Box 51, Woodville, MA-01784,
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Thank you for being a part


Purnata is a Mumbai based non-profit organization whose main goal is to rescue and support the victims of Human Trafficking. Staff and volunteers of Purnata work closely with the victims of sex trade in the streets of Mumbai to give them a helping hand to come back to normal life. Often times it’s a dangerous work that needs to be carried out carefully and anonymously, often with the help of law enforcement officers. Once a victim express interest in coming out of the system, Purnata provide them with housing and living assistance to get trained in a job that fits into their background. This organization has successfully rescued several victims from the streets of Mumbai and Kolkata in the recent years. They also run a daycare for the children the victims who are still trapped in the sex trade, just to provide them with a a safe shelter and elementary education. A broader view of Purnata’s vision, mission etc can be found in www.purnata.org and also in the video below by the founder.

Compassionate Hearts Network team has agreed to collaborate with Purnata to support their cause. We are looking for sponsors and donors who are interested contribute with a one time or periodic donation. For example, a $50 donation will be a great help with will pay for at least one month of living cost for one rescued individual.

Fund Raising Honor Role
S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
1 Manoj Abraham & Trina John $ 250 Paid
2 Jeesmon and Deepa $ 200 Pledged
3 Shiju $ 50 Pledged
4 Sreejith $ 50 Pledged
5 Deepa Jacob $ 75 Paid
6 Shaji $ 30 Paid
7 Vivek / Meena $ 100 Paid
8 Mary Saji $ 50 Paid
9 Shoba Jacob $ 50 Paid
10 Prakash $ 100 Paid
11 Eldho $ 100 Paid
12 Jinu $ 200 Paid
13 Sonu George $ 100 Paid
14 Srividya R $ 50 Paid
15 Dheeraj $ 250 Paid
16 Anonymous Donor $ 100.00 Paid
17 Eric Beiler $ 640.00 Paid
18 Trina $ 750.00 Paid
19 International Church of God $ 500 Paid
20 Anonymous Wellwisher $ 1000 Paid
21 Liju & Sithy $ 100 Paid
22 Jiji & Anita Varughese $ 100 Paid
23 Zeena & Shabeer $ 100.00 Paid

Latest Status Updates

Funds Raised: $0 Released to Beneficiary: $5000
Project Status Summary:

Project Start : 9/30/2019

Sponsor: Liju C Raju

Status: OPEN

Fund Raising Goal: $

Raised So Far: $0 (0%)


Send a check payable to “Compassionate Hearts Network Inc” , PO Box 51, Woodville, MA-01784


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