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Accident Victim Need Your Help to Walk Again

Dear Friends, 48 year old Sebastian is an Aluminum roofing worker from Thodupuzha, Kerala, India. He had an unfortunate accident last month (June 2019) when he fell off a roof and broke several rib bones and injured spinal cord. Sebastian had to undergo several surgeries including spiral stabilization treatment and is recovering in the Intensive Care Unit or Rajagiri Hospital, Aluva, Kerala.

Sebastian is the only earning member of his family that includes his wife and four school aged children. So far this family have spent around 5 lakh Indian rupees for Sebastian’s hospital care and they need another 4-5 lakhs (7000 USD approx) immediately to continue the hospital care, physical therapy and rehab. Sebastian and family is looking for prayers and support from helpful hands to overcome this difficult situation. Every dollar of your generosity will help this family and will improve Sebastian’s chances to walk again on his own.

Below is a personal video of Sebastian’s wife. Please don’t forget this family who’s counting on your prayers and financial support

FundRaising Honor Roll
S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
1 Anonymous Donor $ 100.00 Paid
2 Anonymous $ 300 Paid
3 Anonymous Wellwisher $ 2400 Paid
4 Don Francis $ 250.00 Paid
5 anto kurian $ 20.00 Paid
6 Suma Joseph $ 200.00 Paid
7 John Garcia $ 100.00 Paid
8 Anonymous Donor $ 200.00 Paid
9 Joby $ 100.00 Paid
10 Mary Roy $ 350.00 Paid
11 Boby Joseph $ 100.00 Paid
12 Arun & Vidya $ 200.00 Paid
13 Mathew Thomas $ 100.00 Paid
14 Jiji & Anita Varughese $ 100 Paid
15 Amy Maria Aji $ 250.00 Paid
16 Anonymous Donor $ 25.00 Paid
17 Pinto $ 300.00 Paid
18 Anonymous Donor $ 25.00 Paid
19 Annamma Daniel $ 100.00 Paid
20 CHN Team $ 250 Paid

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Project Start : 07/14/2019

Sponsor: Fr. Pinto Paul

Status: CLOSED

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