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Thank you for being a part

Help a Single Mother to Complete her House Construction(H4-2021)

This request is for a single mother from Alappuzha, Kerala with dependent children. Her husband abandoned the family years ago and she works at a local bakery to take care of home expenses. They started to build a small house recently, but are unable to finish it without the support from well-wishers. It needs at least Rs- 3 lakhs to make it move-in ready. This family has gone through a lot of struggles in the recent past. Her older daughter, Jinu was a bone cancer patient for 3 years and recently passed away at the age of 18. Mom had to leave the other two children in an orphanage while staying with her older daughter until she passed away.

Jinu’s life itself was a testimony of selfless love. She gave away the little money that was collected for her treatment at RCC Trivandrum to another child who needed urgent cancer medicines. At the recent Maramon Convention one of the speakers, Thomas Mar Thethos Thirumeni, shared the story about this beautiful soul (https://youtu.be/t4wQJeDVkOk -Listen to the last few minutes of the speech). She believed that God would take care of her and her family. The second daughter just completed her MA in English and applied for B. Ed. admission, and her son is trying to find a job to support the family. They would like to finish the house so that they can move out of temporary housing. This requested help is to complete the interior work and install doors and windows etc.

Any assistance is very much appreciated. Psalm 18:28 “You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” Let us help put some light into this family’s life!


FundRaising Honor Roll
S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
1 Anonymous Donor $ 59.00 Paid
2 Anonymous $ 100 Paid
3 Roshney $ 100.00 Paid
4 Grace Pullattu $ 100 Pledged
5 Anonymous $ 100 Pledged
6 Anonymous Donor $ 100.00 Paid
7 Subin $ 100 Pledged
8 Pujarys $ 50.00 Paid
9 Sibu Thomas $ 100.00 Pledged
10 Fazeena & Shabeer $ 200.00 Paid
11 Deepa & Jeesmon $ 100 Paid
12 Anonymous Donor $ 50.00 Paid
13 Nidhi $ 100.00 Paid
14 Nidhi $ 1.00 Paid
15 Anonymous Donor $ 300.00 Paid
16 Daisy $ 100.00 Paid
17 CHN $ 250 Pledged
18 Jiji & Anita $ 100 Paid

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Start Date: 03/02/2021

Project Sponsors: Nidhi John & Anita Varughese

Status: OPEN

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Send a check payable to “Compassionate Hearts Network Inc” , PO Box 51, Woodville, MA-01784


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