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    Financial support for medical treatment (M4-2023)

    Dear Friends,

    We would like to introduce Aby Mamachan, who underwent a life-changing Aortic Valve Replacement surgery in 2001 when he was just 7 years old.
    Now, Aby faces yet another critical juncture in his cardiac journey. Aby urgently requires a Redo Bentall Procedure, which involves the replacement of both the prosthetic valve and the ascending aorta. This procedure is essential to prevent further complications and ensure his heart can continue to function effectively.
    Aby is not alone in this battle; he is supported by his loving parents. However, his father, who has been the pillar of strength for the family, is aging, and the family’s financial situation has taken a devastating turn. Aby’s father previously worked as a sales executive in a private company, but unfortunately, he lost his job, leaving the family without a stable source of income. To compound their challenges, their small house, with only 5 cents of land, is already mortgaged to the bank, adding to their financial burdens.
    The urgency of Aby’s situation cannot be overstated. The cost of the Redo Bentall Procedure is estimated to be approximately 7 lakh rupees, and so far, Aby has managed to raise 5 lakh rupees through various means. However, there remains a significant funding gap of 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees, which is needed to cover the costs associated with this life-saving surgery.
    Let’s rally together to support Aby Mamachan in his time of need and make a positive difference in his life.

    FundRaising Honor Roll
    S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
    1 Divya Milton $ 100.00 Paid
    2 Biju and Asha $ 100 Paid
    3 Jiji & Anita $ 200.00 Paid

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    Funds Raised: $0Released to Beneficiary: Project Status Summary:

    Project Start Date : 09/05/2023

    Project Sponsor: Dr. Jinu John

    Status: OPEN

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    Send a check payable to “Compassionate Hearts Network Inc” , PO Box 51, Woodville, MA-01784


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