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Flood Victim Relief Fund for Idukki, Nilambur & Kuttanad

Several Parts of Kerala have been devastated by the flood and mudslide in the past few days due to severe rainstorm. Many have lost their lives, homes and belongings. Some of the displaced have been placed in government run and private shelters by volunteers.

They need continuous supply of food, clothing and emergency care kits. Vast majority of the affected population is living in partially destroyed houses and makeshift shelters. They are searching through the rubbles and ruins, trying to save their belongings and in some cases trying find their loved ones.
Compassionate Hearts Network (CHN) is partnering with volunteer teams in three different areas of Kerala. Details of the works and volunteer leads in each area are listed below.

Idukki: Thousands of affected families. Brother Yacob Paili has been coordinating help for affected families in Murikkasseri, Kattappana and Mulakaramedu areas. Brother Yacob can be contacted at +91-94955-72055 to learn more about their work.

Nilambur: CHN board member Sibu Thomas is working with his friend Jose Joseph to setup emergency relief camps. They need your immediate help and support. Jose Joseph can be reached at +91-94476-31533

Kuttanad: Mr. Kalesh is a volunteer and a CHN partner from Chandanacherry Area. Kalesh is volunteering with a team of people to assist people in emergency relief camp in Chanaganacherry. He can be contacted at +91-89432-82382

Kindly make a donation to help the victims of this natural calamity. Every penny of your donations will be handed over to trustworthy coordinators to deliver immediate help. To learn more about the ongoing relief efforts affected areas, please reach out to our volunteers via direct or whatsapp contact numbers above. Thank You for your support.

FundRaising Honor Roll
S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
1 Reji & Lijo Varghese $ 100.00 Paid
2 Anonymous $ 100.00 Paid
3 Prakash Nelloorvalappil $ 75.00 Paid
4 Well Wisher $ 50 Paid
5 Anonymous Donor $ 50 Pledged
6 Sonu & Sandra $ 150.00 Paid
7 Anonymous Donor $ 300.00 Paid
8 Kadiam Kunnil Family $ 70 Paid
9 Sonia and Melvin $ 150.00 Paid
10 Grace Pullattu $ 100.00 Paid
11 Robin & Suja $ 150 Paid
12 Bobby Varghese $ 250.00 Paid
13 Anonymous Donor $ 150.00 Paid
14 Jeesmon & Deepa $ 250 Paid
15 George Varghese $ 50.00 Pledged
16 Jacob Joseph & Asha $ 150.00 Paid
17 Easo Geevarghese $ 100.00 Paid
18 Sebeyon Kingsview $ 100.00 Paid
19 Jan Jacob $ 20.00 Paid
20 Jacob John $ 50.00 Paid
21 Cherian Chacko $ 150.00 Paid
22 Sunil Varghese $ 100.00 Paid
23 Sailesh Cherian $ 150.00 Paid
24 Jees Alex $ 100.00 Paid
25 Varghese Pothen $ 100.00 Paid
26 Sibu & Asha Thomas $ 500.00 Paid
27 Liju & Sithy $ 150 Paid
28 Jiji & Anita $ 150 Paid
29 CHN Team $ 250 Paid

Latest Status Updates

Funds Raised: $0 Released to Beneficiary:
Project Status Summary:

Project Start : 08/11/2019

Sponsor: CHN Team

Status: CLOSED

Fund Raising Goal: $

Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

Thank you for your support

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