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    Please Help This Family To Have A House Of Their Own: H6-2020

    This project is for the family of a missionary Georgekutty, who passed away recently in Idukki, Kerala. His family consists of his wife and two children who are school students. Mr.Georgekutty started the construction of a small house for his family a couple of years ago. However, he was unable to find enough resources and did n’t have the income to continue with the project. With his sudden demise, Georgekutty’s wife and children are left with an old structure that’s inhabitable and the foundation of the new house.

    They have no means of income now as Georgekutty was the sole breadwinner of their family. And also requesting help to buy a stitching machine for his wife as a means of income for their daily expenses. This family is desperately looking for support from well wishers .Kindly contribute generously to this cause to help this family to have a house of their own. Any and all funds raised by CHN will be solely used for this purpose.

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    Funds Raised: $0 Released to Beneficiary: Project Status Summary:

    Project Start Date: 09/30/2020

    Project Sponsor: CHN Team

    Status: Cancellled

    Fund Raising Goal: $

    Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

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