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Study aids(TV/Phone/Laptops) for five kids in India(E10-2020)

The ongoing global pandemic changed everyones jobs and lifestyle including students who attend schools and colleges. This request is from a school teacher who due to the pandemic and online classes have asked if we could provide TV’s for the kids who are struggling because they don’t have nor can afford a tv due to the circumstances in their life which is beyond their control. Please find it in your hearts to donate and provide for these children a way to study and have a future .

FundRaising Honor Roll
S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
1 Biju M Varughese $ 100 Paid
2 Minnie Zacharia $ 100.00 Paid
3 Beena $ 100 Pledged
4 Bindu $ 100.00 Paid
5 Rens Methratta $ 100.00 Paid
6 Dawn V $ 100 Paid

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Funds Raised: $0 Released to Beneficiary: Project Status Summary:

Project Start Date: 10/30/2020

Project Sponsor: Anita Varughese

Status: CLOSED

Fund Raising Goal: $

Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

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