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    Support for House construction (H8- 2023)

    Dear compassionate souls,

    Chacko Samuel (Podiyan), a 55-year-old electrician’s helper, facing severe challenges in his life. Chacko Samuel (Podiyan), being the sole earning member, used to support his wife (Ambili A K) and two children through his work as an electrician’s helper. However, his life took a drastic turn when he fell from a ladder and broke his hip bone two years ago. This incident rendered him unable to continue his work, leading to financial struggles for the family.
    Currently, Chacko Samuel (Podiyan) and his family are residing in a shed-like structure. The lack of safety measures in their dwelling raises concerns for their well-being. The precariousness of their situation is further emphasized by the condition of their kitchen, which is at risk of collapsing at any moment.
    The living conditions worsen during the rainy season, as rainwater directly enters their room. Despite their efforts to mitigate the issue by placing broken vessels, the water still seeps through, causing damage to the floor.

    FundRaising Honor Roll
    S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
    1 Anonymous Donor $ 500.00 Pledged
    2 Anonymous Donor $ 750.00 Pledged
    3 Anonymous Donor $ 150 Paid
    4 Binoj C $ 100 Pledged
    5 Samuel & Aleyamma Vellikkara $ 150.00 Paid
    6 Aksar & Binoy $ 100.00 Pledged
    7 Grace Pullattu $ 100 Pledged
    8 Roy C. Thomas $ 250.00 Paid
    9 Reji Mon Thomas $ 150.00 Paid
    10 Robin& Suja $ 100.00 Paid
    11 Deepa & Jeesmon $ 100 Paid
    12 Biju and Asha $ 250 Paid
    13 Zeena & Shabeer $ 100.00 Paid
    14 Jiji & Anita $ 1000 Paid

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    Project Start Date : 12/04/2023

    Project Sponsors: Jiji Varughese, Johnson Philip, Binoj Chacko & Sajan
    Status: open

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    Send a check payable to “Compassionate Hearts Network Inc” , PO Box 51, Woodville, MA-01784


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