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Treatment Assistance for Kidney Transplant Patient

Please join hands with Compassionate Hearts in helping an young man who’s struggling to stay alive fighting kidney decease. Every penny you donate will help this man to get his daily medications and routine treatment.

Here’s the story!

Everything was going well in his life with this young man from Chennai, India – completed his engineering education, got his job at a reputed software company, started a family – until an unfortunate health problem surfaced unexpectedly at a routine medical checkup. In September of 2008, he was diagnosed with a failing kidney.

Doctors recommended a kidney transplant at the earliest, as the disease diagnosed (IGA nephropathy) was progressive and his kidneys were only 20% functional. His mother donated the kidney and the transplant was done in June 2009. The transplanted kidney worked fine for about 5 years but rejection symptoms started gradually after that.

The biopsy report showed re-occurrence of IGA Nephropathy at stage 5(chronic kidney disease). Doctors suggested a second kidney transplant operation until which he will have to undergo dialysis twice a week. He has registered in Chennai government waiting list to get a kidney but it takes a minimum of 5 years.

This individual is expected to take more than 30 tablets per day for maintaining his blood pressure and various other levels like uric acid, potassium etc. He is from a middle class family and they are finding it very difficult to run the medical expenses only with his wife’s income.

Anything you can afford to support with struggling family will be a big help!

FundRaising Honor Roll
S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status
1 Joseph Kunnel $ 100.00 Paid
2 Cini Thomas $ 100.00 Paid
3 Ann & Rachel $ 100.00 Paid
4 Ann & Rachel $ 100.00 Paid
5 Joboy Jacob $ 100.00 Paid
6 Compassionate Hearts Network Team $ 500 Paid
7 Priya Arjun $ 100.00 Paid
8 Jiji Varughese $ 100 Pledged
9 Liju C Raju $ 50 Pledged
10 Sony (Liju) George $ 200 Pledged
11 Depin $ 1000 Paid

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Project Start : 10/30/2016

Sponsors: Depin & Smitha

Status: OPEN

Fund Raising Goal: $5000

Raised So Far: $0 (0%)

Thank you for your support

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