Month: March 2020

Help Request For Urgent Kidney Transplant(M6-2020)

This request is for Mr. Manoj, who has been suffering from kidney failure for the past couple of years. He is now undergoing treatment at a government medical college in Kerala. Without a stable income or savings, he’s are not able to afford the hospital expenses, cost of medications and travel. Manoj was previously employed […]

Urgent Financial Help Request To Help An 18 Year Old Cancer Victim (M5-2020)

This request is for an 18 year old boy, Jestin, who is battling cancer for the second time. He was first diagnosed with blood cancer in December 2018 and underwent five cycles of chemotherapy sessions subsequently. After the initial cure of the disease, he was a class topper and aspired to become an actor. But […]

Kindly Support A Poor Widow Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease (OR344-2020)

This request is for helping Molly and she is an elderly window, living in Idukki, Kerala, India. She is a Parkinson’s disease patient and has been undergoing treatment for the past three years. She lives alone and there is no one to support or take care of her. She has no source of income and […]

Diabetic Patient Seeking Help For Her Treatment (OR743-2020)

This project is for helping Betty from Idukki. She belongs to a backward community. She is a diabetic patient and one of her legs has been amputated. She also suffers from kidney failure and her body is fully swollen. Her husband cannot go for any work as he has to take care of her. So […]