Month: October 2021

Support for Solace Charities for their Annual Fundraiser(C12-2021)

Friends, CHN would like to offer wholehearted support for Solace charities for their annual fundraiser. Please learn more about Solace and their fundraiser event from the details below: Solace is a charity organization in Kerala with US chapters that supports children suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer. Nearly 5% of cancer patients in Kerala […]

Support for an Engineering Student (SP3-2021)

Friends, This request is to seek funding to pay for educational expenses for a petrochemical technology student from Pathanamthitta, Kerala. He is a brilliant student with good academic records. His father met with an accident and had undergone surgery to which he lost his job. His family does not have the money to pay tuition […]

Backpack Donation for Haiti(V2-2021)

Friends, This project is for Backpack Donation for Haiti. Haiti experienced back-to-back natural disasters. These natural disasters damaged and destroyed everything in Haiti. CHN donated 100 back packs to Haiti earthquake relief work through Carmel Marthoma Church. Carmel Marthoma Church is collecting items to be donated to Haiti through an agency in Boston. FundRaising Honor […]