Month: December 2017

Family Need Help Making Overdue Mortage Payments: H1-2018

A poor family from Kottanad, Kerala is looking for financial support to pay overdue mortgage payments and avoid a bank foreclosure for a small house that they are living in. Husband is a daily wage worker and the wife is a housemaid who work in the nearby houses. They do not make enough money to […]

Accident Victim’s Family Seeking Help to Save His Life: M2-2018

The family of a 45 year old man is desperately looking for help to recover from an accident he met with few days ago. He was hit by a public transport bus and was seriously insured. He was in the critical care unit for the past one week and now bedridden at home. He was […]

Cancer Patient Seeking Help For Immediate Treatment: M1-2018

This request is for 51 year old Vijayan from Chakkamattam, Mallappally , Kerala. He has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and is under chemotherapy treatment. He’s bed ridden at this point and unable to work. Vijayan and his wife have two daughters. Older girl is a nursing student and younger one is in school. […]

Family looking for help to educate their daughters: E19-2018

Manukumar family is from Ezhumattoor, Kerala who lives in a housing colony. They are is seeking assistance to pay for schooling expenses for their two daughters. Older girl is in +12 and the younger one is in 8th grade. Father works for a cabling contractor as a daily wage worker and do not have regular […]

High School Student Seeking help with hostel fees: E20-2017

Anjali (Not real name) is a 9th grader student from Ezhumattoor Kerala. Her father is a painter and mother does not work. She has a 5th grader brother who attends a local school. Anjali is a bright student and CHN has been helping this family to educate her in a convent school at Chengaroor, Kerala […]

Education Sponsorship Project :E17-2018

A family from Kanjirappalli, Kerala approached CHN seeking assistance with school expenses for their two boys. Father is a daily wage worker and mother is a home maker. The amount sponsored will cover the school expenses for an year. FundRaising Honor Roll S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status 1 Jacob Joseph & Asha Jacob $ […]

Donate to a Future Project -Project ID: MyProj-2021

Compassionate Hearts Network undertakes sponsor nominated charity projects. Sponsor define the scope, set the goal amount and suggest the nominee who they want to help. As a potential sponsor, if you are working on gathering this information but you have pre-allocated funds that you want to sent to CHN, you have an option to do […]