Month: September 2022

Financial help for Cardiac Surgery( M10-2022 )

Dear friends, Mr. Haneefa, a Fisherman from Malappuram, is suffering from Chronic pulmonary thromboembolism and having Severe breathing difficulty. He is not working for the last 2 yrs due to his illness. He is having severe financial constraints and is planning for Pulmonary Thromboendarterectomy on October 18th or 19th. The estimated expenditure for the procedure […]

Financial support to repay (M9-2022)Hospital Bill Payment

This Project is to give financial support to K P Jose for his medical treatment of his cirrhosis of the liver with acute kidney injury. He is living in a rented house. Sole breadwinner for his family.He has to undergo liver transplant surgery as soon as possible to sustain his life. Thankfully his wife’s liver […]