Month: July 2022

Financial Support (F7-2022) to a desperate family to build a bathroom and kitchen

This project to help Aby Paulose, based on his request, to build a toilet and finish a partially built kitchen. He is living in a house, constructed on 8-cent land with the help of Thirumaradi Panchayathu. There is no toilet in this house, moreover, the construction of the kitchen is yet to finish. His wife […]

Educational Scholarship (E5-2022) for twin sisters for their nursing course

Sibi and Simi are twin sisters, studying BSc Nursing in Rosy Royal Institutions Bangalore. They are almost abandoned by their drunk father. They are doing their second-year BSc (N). Now they are seeking help to pay their exam fee. FundRaising Honor Roll S.No. Name Donation Amount Payment Status 1 Binoj $ 15 Paid 2 Jiji […]