Month: April 2021

En Hakkor (എൻ – ഹക്കോർ: അപേക്ഷിക്കുന്നവൻ്റെ ഉറവ): C4-2021

Friends, It’s the dream of every mother to give birth to a healthy child. Unfortunately, when we look around we can see many with physical disabilities. Everyone has an equal right to have their necessities met. However, many children with physical disabilities are living in low-income families and the need for education makes their condition […]

Family Need Immediate Help To Make Bank Payments(F2-2021)

All, The beneficiary of this project is Babu(fictitious name), a 53-year-old individual from Ranny, Kerala. He and his family are under financial stress and approached CHN for help. Babu runs a small shop to make a living. He has a wife and two children at home as dependents. At this time Babu is going through […]

Urgent Help Request From A Nursing Student: SP2-2021

Friends, This project is for a female student from Pathanamthitta, Kerala, to raise funds to support her nursing school education. Her family does not have enough money to support her education. Her father is in abroad but no contact with family last six years and her and her mother is unemployed. She has a brother […]