Financial Support for a handicapped student ( E3-2023)

Dear Friends, Dear Friends and Supporters, I am posting this appeal to you on behalf of one of my students, Vivek. Vivek is an extraordinary young boy who faces significant daily physical and mental challenges. He has never been able to walk, yet he inspires everyone who knows him with his strength, resilience, and determination. […]

House Re-Building Project (H6-2023)

Dear Friends, This is a request for your prayers and financial assistance for a 52-year-old, unemployed single woman, Jaya, living in Ezhumattor, Kerala. Ms. Jaya was born and raised in the Laksham Veedu Colony and passed her B.Com degree from St.Thomas College Ranni, Kerala, India. Later, after getting married, while living with her husband at […]

House Construction Project ( H5-2023)

Dear Friends, I am writing to you today on behalf of Thomas, a hardworking freelance driver struggling to support his family. Thomas is a heart patient, and his wife suffers from chronic illnesses like asthma and diabetes, which require daily medications. They have a school-aged daughter, and the family lives in a cramped and inadequate […]

Community Support Project for South Sudan (C2-2023)

Dear Friends, The Holy Family Sisters were a blessing to thousands of people in the interior and remote villages of South Sudan, especially due to their educational services for the war-affected, orphaned, and poor children. Having visited many remote villages, the Holy Family sisters decided to open learning centers or temporary sheltered schools in the […]

Medical support for a Tuberculosis patient (M1-2023)

Dear Friends, Soorya D. R, 30 yr old female hailing from Waynad. She is from a poor financial background and on treatment for the last 5 years. She had bilateral cystic lung disease following Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Her Left lung was destroyed for which she underwent Left Pneumonectomy. Postoperatively she developed Brocho pleural fistula. Multiple attempts […]

Educational Support for a medical student ( E1-2023)

Dear Friends, This request is to seek donations to support a medical student, who is studying MBBS (Final year) at a private medical college in Thrissur, Kerala (India). Her family does not have the means to pay tuition fees. Despite being a brilliant student with vital academic records and documentation of financial need, she could […]

Financial Assistance to fulfill the last wish of Lydiah( SC1-2023)

Dear Friends, I am here to request your prayers and financial support for making the death wish of a dear friend of mine a reality. Lydiah K Gichere was called to eternity on the 19th of January after a four-year-long battle with Lung cancer with metastasis to multiple organs. She was 58 years old and […]

House Building Project (H4-2022)

Dear Friends Hope you are having a great New Year. I am requesting all your prayers and financial support to fulfill the need for a safe home for an elderly mother Ammini (52) and her son Haridas (30). Ammini and Haridas live in a small town near Mundakkayam, Kottayam. Ammini works as a housemaid for […]

Donate to support Solace Charities (C14-2022)

Dear Friend, Recently, I happened to hear about an organization in India called Solace Charities. They help thousands of children who struggle with cancer all across Kerala, India. I want to support them with their initiative and this project is created for that purpose. Please make a donation of any amount to help me with this […]

Financial Support for medical treatment (M12-2022)

Dear friends, Johnson VK is a tailor and now he had a stroke and is paralyzed left side and cannot continue to work. His wife has to take care of her husband and there is no means of income for the family. They have 2 kids, the older son got a job recently with a […]