Month: February 2021

Urgent Help Request for Kidney Transplant(M5-2021)

Fr. Leo Payyapilly, a member of Franciscan Conventual Friars from India, is urgently seeking well-wishers support for a kidney transplant surgery. It is being scheduled at the Medical Trust Hospital Cochin, Kerala, India. Fr. Leo has been working on missionary activities across the world for the past several years. After his services in Louisville, USA, […]

Urgent Financial Support For A Cancer Patient

This project is for Vilasini Chandrasekharan from Kerala. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. She has undergone treatment with different private specialized hospitals and spent around INR 5 lakhs. Now Vilasini is a patient of Kottayam Medical College Hospital. Her husband is taking care of her at the hospital and they have one son […]

This Young Lady Need Help For Heart Surgery(M2-2021)

We have a new project for a young woman who suffered cardiac issues and a stroke during pregnancy. She delivered in the ICU, but unfortunately it was stillbirth. She had to undergo urgent cardiac surgery and recovered well from it. However, after about a month while on antibiotics, she had complications from an internal bleed […]