Month: March 2021

A Dream Home For Kannan And His Family(H5-2021)

This project is for Kannan and his family to get a small home. Kannan, 18yrs old met with a road accident in 2018 Dec since then is bedridden. He had a severe brain injury and is still under the treatment, unable to afford his continued treatment and physiotherapy advised by the hospital his parents are […]

Single Woman and her Widowed Sister Seeking Help to Build a House(H1-2021)

A place to stay is everyone’s basic need and a priority. But it’s an unfulfilled dream for Ms. Sarsawathi, who is living with her widowed sister-in-law and two small children in a rental home. Saraswathi is a daily wage employee and she does not have any savings from that job. A couple of years ago, […]

Everyone Deserves a Roof Over Their Head, Don’t They? (H3-2021)

Friends, I have known Raju since my childhood. He was my classmate at SCVHS Mukkuzhi where most of the kids in my neighborhood went to. I remember the days when he was called names and got teased because of his physical challenges. Probably due to his modest background, he couldn’t excel in his studies but […]

Help a Single Mother to Complete her House Construction(H4-2021)

This request is for a single mother from Alappuzha, Kerala with dependent children. Her husband abandoned the family years ago and she works at a local bakery to take care of home expenses. They started to build a small house recently, but are unable to finish it without the support from well-wishers. It needs at […]