Month: January 2020

Donate To Support An Unemployed Family Start A Small Business : F1-2020

This project is to provide financial assistance to set up a small shop for a married, unemployed individual in his late fifties, residing in Pathanamthitta, Kerala. He had been working in Mumbai for several years, until the traffic death of their only daughter two years ago. After that, they moved back to their native place. […]

Palliative Care Team Urgently Needs A Permanent Office(C3-2020)

The “Holy Word Inland Mission Charitable Trust” is a Chengannur based non-profit charitable organization which is providing palliative care and material support for hundreds of people who are bedridden or living with a serious illness in and around central travancore. It’s a team of volunteers consists of medical professionals, retirees and social workers. Their objectives […]

House Construction Request From Low Income Family(H1-2020)

This project is to request funds to construct a house for Mrs. Suja Babu. Her family lives in a 45 year old house which is damaged beyond repair. The house has a leaky roof it floods during heavy rains. Her family consists of her husband, two children and a mother who is blind. Her husband, […]

Help Needed Urgently For Treatment (M1-2020)

Rema is a single mother from Mattukatta, Idukki, sole earner in the family who makes her living through domestic help. Until now, with her earnings, the family was able to feed themselves and pay for the college expenses for her only daughter, who excels in her college studies. Rema is also taking care of her […]