This Family Needs Your Help To Buy A Pickup Van.(F3-2020)

This project request is for Mr. Antony to help his son Nithin Antony buy a pickup van to support his family. Antony is a heart patient who has undergone two surgeries in the past 17 years. Two years ago, he had bypass surgery to open blood supply to both of his legs at the Thrissur […]

Please Help to Build a House for a Cancer Patient.(H5-2020)

This project is for a 46 year old cancer patient Mr. Mujeeb. He is from a place called Mundel in Kerala. He is suffering from the 4th stage of cancer. He has four children. They do not have a home of their own. Their family has no source of income and they are struggling to […]

Help Request For A Kidney Patient (M11-2020)

This project is for a Kidney patient. His name is Mr.Kurian. He is from a place called paalad in Kerala. His health is very poor. He requires continuous dialysis treatment as both his kidneys have failed and now, he is bedridden. His wife’s health is also poor and she is very weak to go for […]

Urgent Financial Help Request To Help An 30 year Old Cancer Victim (M9-2020)

This request is for a 30 year old woman, Sakhina. She is a breast cancer patient. She’s married and the mother of a five month old baby. Her breast was removed and Sakhina is a patient of RCC,Thiruvananthapuram now. Her Husband is a daily wages worker, who is unable to earn any income due to […]

This Family Need Your Help To Purchase A House : H4-2020

This project request is to help Pr Abraham and his family who are looking for support from interested donors to purchase a house. Pr. Abraham recently recovered from a stroke and is not physically fit to continue his pastoral work as before. He and his family have been living in a rental house for a […]

Help Request For a Wilson’s Disease Patient

This project is for Ann who has been diagnosed with Wilson’s disease. She is under anti-epileptic medication. She needs long term treatment and follow-up. She started showing symptoms on 31st June and was admitted to a nearby hospital for 4 days and on emergency shifted to Jubilee mission hospital at Thrissur by 5th July. Treated […]

Urgent Help Request From A Mother To Pay Her Daughter’s School Fees

This project is for a Single Mother stuck in Dubai due to ongoing cases against her regarding rent and loan repayments. She has a 12 year old daughter living with her. She has requested financial support to pay the tuition fees of her child for the next 2 terms. It would come to around $2850 […]


Maher is an interfaith and caste-free Indian non-governmental organisation based near Pune with remote homes in Ranchi, Ratnagiri, Miraj and Ernakulam. The objective of the organisation is to provide shelter and support to destitute women and children. Maher tries its level best to reach out to people with various needs. During this Covid 19 pandemic, […]

Financial Support For A Medical Student (SP1-2020)

This request is to seek donations to support a medical student, who is studying MBBS (1st year) at a private medical college in Thrissur, Kerala (India). Her family does not have the means to pay tuition fees. Despite being a brilliant student with strong academic records and documentation of financial need, she could not secure […]

Help The Elderly Get Medical Consultation During This Pandemic (C8-2020)

This request is for Helen, who is a volunteer for a nonprofit organization called “TeleHealth Access for Seniors”. During this COVID-19 pandemic, physicians are operating via telehealth appointments, but many older patients lack the smart devices needed to actually attend these appointments. Therefore,this organization collects old iPhones, iPads, and smart devices to give to Veterans’ […]