Critical COVID-19 Fundraiser (C5-2021)

Friends, Over the past weeks, we have witnessed a rapid resurgence of COVID-19 across several parts of the world. As the biggest humanitarian crisis of modern times unfolds, devastating spike in India has overwhelmed the country’s healthcare system. Our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted by the pandemic. XMEC Social Assist […]

Requesting Financial Help for Wedding Expense(F3-2021)

Friends, The education and marriage of their children is the dream of every parent. But unfortunately this family doesn’t have enough money for their daughter’s wedding expenses. This project is to raise wedding expenses for Daya(fictitious name), who is a 26 year old girl from a low income family from Pathanamthitta, Kerala. Her father was […]

En Hakkor (എൻ – ഹക്കോർ: അപേക്ഷിക്കുന്നവൻ്റെ ഉറവ): C4-2021

Friends, It’s the dream of every mother to give birth to a healthy child. Unfortunately, when we look around we can see many with physical disabilities. Everyone has an equal right to have their necessities met. However, many children with physical disabilities are living in low-income families and the need for education makes their condition […]

Family Need Immediate Help To Make Bank Payments(F2-2021)

All, The beneficiary of this project is Babu(fictitious name), a 53-year-old individual from Ranny, Kerala. He and his family are under financial stress and approached CHN for help. Babu runs a small shop to make a living. He has a wife and two children at home as dependents. At this time Babu is going through […]

Urgent Help Request From A Nursing Student: SP2-2021

Friends, This project is for a female student from Pathanamthitta, Kerala, to raise funds to support her nursing school education. Her family does not have enough money to support her education. Her father is in abroad but no contact with family last six years and her and her mother is unemployed. She has a brother […]

A Dream Home For Kannan And His Family(H5-2021)

This project is for Kannan and his family to get a small home. Kannan, 18yrs old met with a road accident in 2018 Dec since then is bedridden. He had a severe brain injury and is still under the treatment, unable to afford his continued treatment and physiotherapy advised by the hospital his parents are […]

Single Woman and her Widowed Sister Seeking Help to Build a House(H1-2021)

A place to stay is everyone’s basic need and a priority. But it’s an unfulfilled dream for Ms. Sarsawathi, who is living with her widowed sister-in-law and two small children in a rental home. Saraswathi is a daily wage employee and she does not have any savings from that job. A couple of years ago, […]

Everyone Deserves a Roof Over Their Head, Don’t They? (H3-2021)

Friends, I have known Raju since my childhood. He was my classmate at SCVHS Mukkuzhi where most of the kids in my neighborhood went to. I remember the days when he was called names and got teased because of his physical challenges. Probably due to his modest background, he couldn’t excel in his studies but […]

Help a Single Mother to Complete her House Construction(H4-2021)

This request is for a single mother from Alappuzha, Kerala with dependent children. Her husband abandoned the family years ago and she works at a local bakery to take care of home expenses. They started to build a small house recently, but are unable to finish it without the support from well-wishers. It needs at […]

Urgent Help Request for Kidney Transplant(M5-2021)

Fr. Leo Payyapilly, a member of Franciscan Conventual Friars from India, is urgently seeking well-wishers support for a kidney transplant surgery. It is being scheduled at the Medical Trust Hospital Cochin, Kerala, India. Fr. Leo has been working on missionary activities across the world for the past several years. After his services in Louisville, USA, […]