Medical Support for Sanju(M16-2021)

Friends, Sanju Babu (34) worked in Saudi Arabia before being sent back to Kerala due to COVID-19. In Kerala, he worked as an electrician after his Saudi job, and his wife works as a nurse in a private hospital. Unfortunately, one day as he was working, Sanju fell from the roof of a shed. This […]

Donate to Start a Small Business(OR606-2021)

Friends, This project is for 21 youngsters to start a business. They are planning to start Clothes and Tea powder sales through the lower level of Grama panchayath Trio System, NHG, conducting Special Mela or Onam Market upcoming festival season. But they don’t have any money to invest. These youngsters have received training on how […]

Help Requested to pay Hospital Bills(M15-2021)

Friends, Mr. Benny is a 46 year old father of two daughters. He is an Ambulance driver and was involved in service of patients with Covid-19 and other serious illnesses. He was tested positive for Covid-19 and his condition is critical now. He is admitted at Rajagiri Hospital Kochi and is under ventilator support. The […]

Shyam Needs Your Kind Support For His Surgery(M13-2021)

Friends, This request is for 35-year-old Shyam from Alappuzha, Kerala, who’s diagnosed with a heart condition that needs immediate treatment. His heart valve needs to be replaced, which requires surgery. His family consists of his parents, wife and 2 children, and his brother’s family. His wife is a homemaker and he is the only breadwinner […]

Accident Victim Need Your Help (M12-2021)

Friends, This project is for Mr. Abhilash, a 38-year-old male who lost his two legs in an accident. His family consists of his pregnant wife and two small children. They lost their home due to the flood and do not have a home of their own. Now he urgently needs two prosthetic legs which will […]

Financial help request to help an 16 year old cancer victim(M11-2021)

Friends, This request is for 16 years old Zaman, he was diagnosed with Leukemia (Blood cancer). Now he is going through the second stage of treatment under Dr. Gangadharan at Indira Gandhi Cooperative Hospital at Ernakulam, Kerala. He is the elder son of his family. Currently, he is undergoing chemotherapy on every 5th day. The […]

Buy Smartphones for Educational Purpose(E4-2021)

Friends, The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the government and private schools in Kerala to suspend classroom teaching and shift to online classes. This project is to provide smartphones for the 11 students, who are from economically backward families and it is difficult to purchase a mobile phone to join zoom sessions. Please find it in […]

Urgent Help Request To Pay Hospital Bills(M8-2021)

Friends, This request is for Mr. Mathew, who has been admitted to Kozhikode MIMS Hospital due to stroke, bleeding, and kidney-related illness. Even though immediate surgery was performed, the right side of his body has been paralyzed. The surgery itself has cost them a very huge amount. Many more treatments and three or four months […]

Financial Support for a Cancer Patient(M9-2021)

Friends, This project is to support the palliative care needs of a cancer patient. Natarajan is a 48 year old cancer patient from a remote area in Marutha, Malappuram District, Kerala. He needs daily medication to survive which cost Rs. 6000 a month. The family is unable to find the sources to sustain his treatment […]

Financial Help to Buy Smartphones For Educational Purpose(E2-2021)

Friends, COVID pandemic has affected a large number of students in Kerala. This request is from a school headmaster from Ernakulam district of Kerala trying to help few students to attend classes online. This project is to provide smartphones for the 7 students, who are from economically backward families and it is difficult to purchase […]